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Nevis International Bank & Trust’s private banking and asset management divisions deliver comprehensive wealth management solutions for a worldwide clientele including individuals, families, money managers, investment advisers, service providers, and business owners. The Bank offers customized solutions to meet clients’ unique wealth structuring, retirement planning, asset protection, tax planning, money management, and other needs. 

In delivering results to our customers, the Bank adheres to a strong culture of data security and client confidentiality. The Bank services its clients with a steady focus on four key areas: customer service, performance, accountability and teamwork.

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The bar for our customers’ expectations is rising. At Nevis International Bank & Trust we understand that customers live in an on-demand world. The Bank offers clients a high level of service quality and comfort they expect through the Bank’s operational efficiency, accuracy, confidentiality and simplicity.

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Nevis International Bank & Trust always focuses on profitable growth over the long term. We do not make decisions to spike short-term results at the expense of long-term growth. As a leading international bank, we have the dedicated resources, talented employees and the right scale of customers to invest back into our core business – to better service our global clients. 


Nevis International Bank & Trust’s rigorous system of controls are the safeguards that help us avoid errors, operate more efficiently, and satisfy our customers’ needs in a secure environment. Accountability is an ongoing discipline that aids in maintaining solid legal requirements and world-class regulatory compliance. The Bank’s global compliance program was developed in collaboration with Kroll, the world’s most reputed risk management firm. 

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At Nevis International Bank & Trust, our employees are a top priority, and we believe our employee experience is second to none. Investing in our people, placing our trust in their judgement, expanding in the global marketplace, identifying and promoting sound leaders from within the Bank has made our international organization stronger for the long-run. We believe our rapidly expanding staff are among the greatest in the financial services industry.