Our Duty to You,

Nevis International Bank & Trust is a leading international bank serving clients worldwide. Our banking clients should expect a safe, highly efficient, hassle-free, convenient and customer-friendly banking experience with us. At Nevis International Bank & Trust, we define trust as assured reliance on the character, reliability, strength, execution, state-of-the-art compliance, and truth of a customer service-oriented banking institution. This Bank operates by these principles. Following these principles of trust, the Bank is proud to have earned the loyalty of its global clientele. 

Our expectation of all staff members is to maintain the highest ethical and compliance standards in everything we do. We make no exceptions to these core values. Nevis International Bank & Trust is committed to safeguarding customers’ privacy. The Bank provides a number of high-security measures that ensure clients’ personal data is secure. “YOUR PROSPERITY, OUR COMMITMENT.”


When you become a Bank customer, you expect us to always provide clear information about how the Bank delivers banking services to you.


We promise our banking services offered to you are delivered in an honest and efficient manner.


We offer premier customer service, assisting you with your account or service by making regular, and secure online account statements available to you 24/7.


Your personal information is treated as private and confidential and in accordance with the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Our banking and payment systems operate on encrypted, secure and reliable platforms.


We use a set of sophisticated and wide-ranging software and hardware security measures to protect customer privacy. These tools are layered throughout our banking services and are paired with dedicated regulatory compliance and fraud prevention measures.

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