Nevis International Bank & Trust and Ho Wah Genting Investment Bank Ink a Collaborative Partnership

KUALA LUMPUR, October 7, 2020: Digital investment bank Ho Wah Genting Investment Bank (HWGIB) has inked a partnership with Nevis International Bank & Trust, a fully-regulated banking group with a deep British heritage. 

HWGIB said its clients would gain direct access to Nevis’ full suite of financial products and efficient 24/7 online banking services.

“As a fully licenced commercial bank with payment and settlement capabilities for fiat currencies, Nevis International Bank & Trust will also provide seamless banking support to Asia-based customers following its client onboarding protocols, supporting customers across 150 countries in nine different currencies via SWIFT bank wires.

“Through this collaboration, both banks will leverage the strengths of both institutions to offer their clients online bank accounts, public and private investment products worldwide, and the clearing and settlement of digital assets across a broad spectrum of digital platforms,” said HWGIB. 

As the world adopts digital solutions, digital assets are viewed as a viable investment class with the Asian markets holding 40 per cent of worldwide market shares. HWGIB, which offers blockchain payment solutions, has implemented digital payment platforms to bridge the gap between digital and traditional banking services. HWGIB’ said its agility would allow it to be at the forefront of empowering its clients to integrate digital assets into the investment space more seamlessly.

HWGIB chief executive officer Gavin Lim said it was a fully regulated investment bank under the supervision of Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA). 

Nevis chairman Tony Baldry deems the pact with HWGIB as a key partnership in the Asia Pacific region. Baldry said the collaboration would exemplify the value made possible by the confluence of traditional banking and financial technology.  “Paired with Nevis International Bank and Trust best practices standards in regulatory compliance, we are confident that this marketing partnership will provide APAC customers with a modern and efficient global platform for comprehensive banking solutions.”

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