At Nevis International Bank & Trust, our bankers understand that a customer’s business success rests with its superior products and exceptional leadership. Whether our clients require banking support such as irrevocable, transferable letters of credit, direct or third-party bank wire transfers, or bank comfort letters, Nevis International Bank & Trust stands ready to provide these and other critical banking solutions that help clients operate efficiently and profitably.

Business Banking Solutions

Optimizing Working Capital

Nevis International Bank and Trust Relationship Managers work closely with you to maximize your access to liquid working capital. The Bank helps its worldwide clients unlock and move working capital to reduce funding costs and minimize reliance on unstructured lending.  

private international banking
private international banking

International Trade Support

The Bank’s Trade Growth strategies are designed to help our clients’ businesses capitalize on global sales and supply chain opportunities in new  markets. Our business bankers at Nevis International Bank & Trust offer expert insights and strive to simplify the entire process for our clients.

Supplier Finance Management

Nevis International Bank & Trust’s custom supplier finance solutions aim to deliver competitively priced working capital to our clients’ suppliers while minimizing risks across their supply chain. The Bank offers tailored solutions to increase transaction efficiency as well as payment terms to reduce financing costs.

private international banking