Big-time Banking with A Touch

Depository & Bank Wire Services

Nevis International Bank & Trust provides a variety of options for our commercial customers. From standard business savings accounts, issuing irrevocable bank letters of credit, promptly processing direct or third-party wire transfers, to depositing investment products or managing customer cash balances, the Bank provides total financial solutions that satisfy clients’ commercial banking needs. 

  • International Banking Services: direct or third-party wire transfers, irrevocable & transferable bank letters of credit, bank comfort letters
  • Import/Export Trade Financing
  • Asset-Based Lending
  • Working Capital Financing
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Growth and Expansion Financing
  • Cash Management Services in Multiple Currencies
private international banking

Trusted Guidance, Reliable Solutions

Nevis International Bank & Trust tailors our global banking services to the unique needs of our international clientele. The Bank's cutting-edge technology and risk-control solutions allow the Bank to safeguard client accounts.

A Customer-Centered Bank

At Nevis International Bank & Trust, our Relationship Managers collaborate closely with strategic contacts worldwide to provide a single, dedicated point of contact for our business customers. By establishing a personal relationship with our institutional clients, the Bank's Relationship Managers are able to provide flexible and consistent solutions for all of our clients' business needs.

Community Development

Nevis International Bank & Trust believes that our business is as strong as our respected community. The Bank is committed to the growth and economic development of both our clients' businesses as well as our business community.

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