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(Client Notice: Effective March 30, 2021, the Bank’s name will be changed to “HAMILTON RESERVE BANK,” and a new website: www.hrbank.com, reflecting the Bank’s global presence and worldwide offices. The Bank’s operations remain the same. )

The Bank is a fully regulated global bank with a deep British heritage operating at New York Wall Street speed, offering personal and business banking solutions in 9 different currencies across 150 countries, serving a large, rapidly expanding worldwide clientele. As the largest global bank in the entire region, the Bank has a “fortress” balance sheet, zero loan exposure, pristine compliance, exceptionally high capital ratios, efficient customer onboarding, strong privacy law protection, and advanced 24/7 e-banking technology. The Bank engages in four areas: Banking, Trust & Escrow, Capital Markets, Asset Management ETFHeadquartered on a large compound in the hometown of Alexander Hamilton in St. Kitts and Nevis, a thriving British Commonwealth nation, we welcome your visit!

Serve Customers in 150 Countries

Capital strength, NYSE-Listed

The Bank's CET1 capital ratio is nearly 100%. Our independently managed asset management affiliate is regulated by the U.S. SEC. Our ETF is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: VSL) as the # 1 ranked large cap ETF in the U.S. (Lipper - 2019), and a top 1% performer 3 years in a row (Morningstar)


The Bank has a no-lending policy thus has no loan portfolios. The Bank does not accept physical cash or checks as deposits. The Bank maintains client funds in cash or selected sovereign bonds, safeguarding customer deposits, providing anytime liquidity


The Bank accepts deposits in 9 different currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, SGD, HKD. SWIFT wire transfers (including 3rd party wires) processed within an hour with banks across 150+ countries worldwide. High efficient FX execution

compliance, privacy

The Bank maintains a robust regulatory compliance program guided by Kroll, the world's largest risk adviser. The Bank has a spotless history of regulatory compliance certified annually by Grant Thornton, our auditor. The Bank honours customer privacy protected by law

Global Business Banking

Private Banking, Wealth Management

Global Capital Market Execution

The Customer First Bank

Client Commitment

The Bank solidifies trust and loyalty with our worldwide clients through secure banking systems, offering a wide range of services and dedicated customer support

Advanced 24/7 e-banking

The Bank's advanced digital banking solutions offer government-grade network security while maintaining fluid execution and satisfactory customer experience. Clients have access to 24/7 self-directed e-banking

TOP Compliance

The Bank's AML/KYC/CFT programs were developed, implemented in direct collaboration with Kroll, whose work is trusted by banks and governments worldwide

diversity program

The Bank's global workforce comes from 11 countries and speaks 8 different languages. The Bank supports a strong diversity program

Reliable Execution


Honor transparency and privacy with our large, rapidly expanding global clientele  


Our clients are highly sophisticated institutions, ultra high-net-worth family offices seeking effective solutions. We deliver them 


Listen to our customers and strive to achieve results no matter the degree of complexity


Seamless global banking services across time zones, countries and languages


Efficient customer service, real time customer solutions across nations and cultures


Foster community development, complying with the rule of law no matter where we operate from around the globe

Leadership Matters

Rt. Hon Sir Tony Baldry

Chairman of the Board

Roosevelt Herbert

Vice Chairman

Prabhakar Kaza

CEO | Board Member

Antonio Kenyatta​

Chief Financial Officer