NEVIS INTERNATIONAL BANK & TRUST (NIB&T) is a fully regulated global banking conglomerate with a deep British heritage operating at Wall Street speed. Founded by prominent bankers and lawyers from London, NIB&T’s Asset Management business is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE stock symbol: VSL) and the Bank’s Wealth Management subsidiary is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a registered investment adviser managing customer investment portfolios. Headquartered in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a thriving British Commonwealth nation and the birthplace of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in 1755, NIB&T has unique advantages as a leading bank: a “fortress” balance sheet with an exceptional CET1 capital ratio of nearly 100%, zero bad credit, impeccable regulatory compliance, same-day USD and EUR SWIFT wire transfers worldwide via 6 correspondent banking gateways, and 24/7 e-Banking. The Bank serves a large and rapidly expanding global clientele through integrated solutions: Global Banking, Trust & Escrow, NYSE-Listed Asset Management, Capital Markets. NIB&T’s sprawling bank complex occupies the exquisite Nevis International Bank & Trust Center. Welcome home, benefit from the “Customer First Global Bank.”

Experience the Distinction

Capital Strength

CET1 ratio of nearly 100%. NIB&T's Asset Management ETF is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE symbol: VSL, Custodian bank: U.S. Bancorp), which was the No. 1 ranked (Lipper 2019 ranking ) Large Cap ETF in the U.S. market, up nearly 40%


NIB&T has a no-lending policy thus no bank capital or customer deposits are ever exposed to any credit risk

Safety of Deposits

100% of the Bank's deposits in U.S. dollars are either in cash or government bonds, offering anytime liquidity and ultra safety of customer deposits dollar for dollar

privacy, compliance

Reliable banking services delivered to our worldwide customers in strict confidence. The Bank also maintains a spotless record of worldwide regulatory compliance

Efficient Business Banking
  • BUSINESS BANKING, INVESTMENT BANKING SOLUTIONS: A full range of corporate banking solutions offered in USD, Euro, and other major currencies. The Bank processes deposits via SWIFT (BIC: NIBTKNNE) and accepts transfers of worldwide investment portfolios such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cryprocurrency settlements or ETFs.
  • BANK TRUST AND ESCROW SERVICES: The Bank opens trust or escrow accounts for transaction parties such as bankers, attorneys and accountants. The Bank is a trusted neutral party performing transparently within the terms set out in an escrow or trust agreement. NIB&T safe-keeps clients' escrowed assets including cash, securities, property (including IPs), contracts, or other collateral. Client Activities: M&As, asset sales/divestitures, bankruptcies, restructurings, deal subscriptions, real estate, leasebacks, royalty payments, SPACs, private placements etc.
  • CASH MANAGEMENT: Safe and secure money market products and US Treasury-based cash management solutions, same-day incoming and outgoing SWIFT wire processing.
  • OTHER CORPORATE SERVICES: New business formation worldwide, investment & securities, M&A, VISA debit cards, letters of credit, bank reference letters, bank wire transfers, 24/7 e-banking.

Worldwide Private Banking, Wealth Planning

  • COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL & PRIVATE BANKING SOLUTIONS: Wealth planning and cash management serving family offices, external asset managers (EAMs) or individuals. Customers make direct deposits with the Bank or transfer existing investment portfolios such as global stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs etc.
  • A FULL-SERVICE BANK: NIB&T opens various bank accounts, accepts deposits in multiple currencies, and offers personal debit cards and 24/7 e-banking.
  • CAPITAL MARKETS: The Bank executes customer transactions in global securities and provides tailored investment solutions through the Bank's Asset Management subsidiary, which is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated investment adviser.
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT: Seeking greater returns from tailored investment portfolios with various levels of market exposure, offering asset management and bank custodian services across many investment styles and currencies.

Sophisticated Capital Market Experts, Wall Street Speed

  • NIB&T supports clients engaged in a variety of global capital market activities, bridging importers & exporters, businesses and financiers, facilitating the capital needs of intermediary service agents and payment providers, introducing relationships and expanding activities among customers.
  • NIB&T makes available customer access to the Bank's vast strategic contacts throughout the world across many industries and regions.
  • NIB&T's Asset Management solutions offer client access to VISA debt cards, check writing and USD cash management capabilities, and world-leading investment products such as IPOs, ETFs, private placements and private equity.
This Bank Stands by Its Core Values

CUSTOMER Prosperity, Our Commitment

NIB&T solidifies trust and loyalty with our worldwide clients through secure banking transactions, offering a wide range of services and dedicated customer support 24/7

banking system integrity

NIB&T's digital banking solutions offer government-grade network security while maintaining fluid execution

Pristine Compliance

The Bank's highly regarded compliance programs (AML/KYC/CFT) were developed and implemented in full collaboration with Kroll, the world's largest risk adviser trusted by banks and governments

diversity program

NIB&T's global workforce comes from 10 countries and speaks 8 languages. The Bank has a strong diversity program, cultivating a customer-centric culture as a flagship institution

Promise Delivered

Customer First

Honor transparency and privacy with our large, rapidly expanding global clientele  


Our clients are highly sophisticated institutions, ultra high-net-worth family offices seeking effective solutions. We deliver them 


NIB&T listens attentively to our customers and strives to achieve results for them no matter the degree of complexity


As a leading global bank, we offer seamless services across time zones, countries and languages


A high standard of customer care operating at the speed of Wall Street, providing same-day customer response 24/7


Foster community development as a responsible global corporate citizen, complying with the rule of law no matter where we operate from

Leadership Matters + British Heritage

Rt. Hon Sir Tony Baldry

Chairman of the Board

Vinay Ganga

President | EXECUTIVE Vice Chairman

Prabhakar Kaza

CEO | Board Member

Charles Shearer

Chief Investment Officer, CEO of Bank Asset Management

Let Nevis International Bank & Trust Benefit You